Why should you move your business to Cloud?

Large corporations still tend to invest in their on-site IT infrastructure.

Cloud computing has become a widespread solution that can help your company to save time and money, whilst increasing your data security. This will allow you to invest valuable resources in other areas of your business, which will help it grow.

It is important to understand the overall benefits of migrating to the cloud, hence this guide will help you.

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Cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provides scalable infrastructure and built-in security and advanced computing technologies that never stops you while your business grows and capacity increases. Once you are in cloud the scalability factor will help you to grow your infrastructure without limits. The latest developments in technology such Artificial Intelligent (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Security Solutions as service will all be available on popular IaaS providers which will help you to scale to any level.

When a company opts for an on-site infrastructure, they will always have to plan the investments in hardware ahead of time, to increase the storage and capacity of the infrastructure. This will result in extra costs, as the company is paying unnecessarily for some resources that are not yet being utilized. In contrast, when you opt for IaaS you pay on the go for the services you are using, based on the consumption of resources.


Most of IaaS providers invest highly on security, so all the customers will get benefits from that. Additionally, they have addon security modules like firewalls, DDoS protection system, and advanced network security and access control and logging each activity. Data encryption is available for all services where data is stored.


IaaS Providers invest a lot on networks and stable internet connectivity to their data centers. So, when a company migrates to the cloud, they will be getting the same benefits. In addition to that, IaaS have advanced backup systems, with services like load balancers that will provide an automated switching of servers when something happens to one server.

On the other hand, when utilizing an on-site Infrastructure, the company needs to invest a lot on internet connectivity to the infrastructure and needs a constant monitoring of the infrastructure due to its complexity.

Cost Effective

Moving to the cloud will allow the company to save a significant amount of money and time by reducing significantly the costs on the infrastructure investment and by freeing up the IT team to complete other relevant tasks, as it does not require the team to monitor the infrastructure. Also advanced cloud facilities like auto scaling and load balancers will run on only required minimum computing instances needed and scale it automatically when the load increases. These facilities will help to reduce your monthly costs.

Data Security

The companies must give high priority to data security as their data needs to be protected safely. Through the Cloud, IaaS Providers provide advanced data security solutions like data encryption and advanced backup solutions which are more difficult to setup in an on-site infrastructure.

As most of IaaS Providers are operating data centers globally, through the Cloud, the companies can back-up their date in different countries data centers. With this, the companies will benefit from running automated and frequent back-ups in different locations, but their data is always protected even if a natural disaster happens in such location.

If you are looking to move your IT infrastructure to the Cloud, our team of experts can help with that. We have partnerships with popular and trust-worthy cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Oracle. We will provide you with the best solution based on your current infra structure.