In need of recording transactions, tracking assets and building trust for your business; Infiyo envisions secured blockchain powered enterprise for your industry to transform worldwide. Infiyo identifies foundational blockchain initiatives for organizations prioritizing innovation opportunities and developing business values. 

Infiyo creates a portfolio of latest innovations based on business impact and complexity of change understanding the implications of these innovations into the business models. We are in the front row being blockchain consultants by staying updated with new Blockchain technology giving valuable suggestions necessary for updates. 

What we do

Building block chain application

We build application that uses the block chain technology for the special purpose development.


We consult enterprises to adopt block chain technology to improve their data security and trust

Block chain as service

We setup block chain network with customer specification and provide the solution as service with great customer support

Get Your project started

We understand the complexities of modern markets and translate them into real business solutions for automotive, financial, insurance, pharma & life sciences, and real estate with more to come.